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Combo Packages in Puerto del Carmen

Double the Excitement, Double the Views

Quick Details

Simple Package 1 Parascending + 1 Individual Jet Ski
Double Package 2 Parascendings + 1 Double Jet Ski (2 people)
Special Package 2 Parascendings + 2 Individual Jet Skis (2 people)
Super Simple Package 1 Parascending 10 min + 1 Jet Bike Sencilla 20 min. + 1 Crazy Ufo 10 min.
Super Double Package 2 Parascending 10 min. + 1 Jet Bike Doble 20 min. + 2 Crazy Ufo 10 min.
Super Special Package 2 Parascending 10 min + 2 Jet Bike Sencillas 20 min. + 2 Crazy Ufo 10 min.

Dive into Adrenaline in Puerto Del Carmen

Indulge in the thrill of Paracraft Lanzarote’s Combo Packages in Puerto Del Carmen, where diverse nautical activities come together at unbeatable prices! Opt for the Simple Package, offering 10 minutes of breathtaking parascending paired with 20 minutes of solo jet ski fun. For a shared adventure, the Double Package includes two sessions of 10-minute parascending and 20 minutes on a jet ski designed for two. Seeking the ultimate aquatic escapade? The Special Package features two rounds of 10-minute parascending and 20 minutes each on individual jet skis. As you partake in these exhilarating experiences, feel the rush of flying over the magnificent beaches of Puerto del Carmen, with the iconic island of volcanoes providing an unforgettable backdrop. Whether solo or with a companion, these combo packages promise an adventure-filled exploration of Puerto Del Carmen’s waters that will leave you with enduring memories.

Combine different nautical leisure activities at reduced prices

• Simple Package: 10 min of Parascending + 20 min of Individual Jet Ski
• Double Package: 2 Parascending of 10 min each + 20 min of 1 Jet Ski for 2 people
• Special Package: 2 Parascending for 10 min each + 2 Individual Jet Skis for 20 min each